Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Writing Bomb: Why I'm Joining Amazon's KDP Select Program

Wow...just when I was getting the hang of the indie pub thing, Amazon throws in something new for me to consider.. I just published my very first novel on Amazon Kindle (Judgment Tramp) and was about to submit it to Smashwords.. , Needless to say, this has me reconsidering.. After reading Jeff's post, my first thought was, what have I got to lose? I have already been wondering how Kindle Fire would affect the market. (By the way, I totally agree with Jeff, libraries really should be doing this.Maybe as a way for them to survive?) I'm thinking the KDP select program might help with the promotion of my book and I have to admit this whole self-marketing thing feels a bit like trying to fix my old Corvair in the dark... What does everybody else think?

The Writing Bomb: Why I'm Joining Amazon's KDP Select Program: Amazon is playing games and they're changing the rules again. They're changing the game, and they're doing it in time for Christmas. Most A...


  1. Oh my goodness, Amazon just keeps changing the game on everybody. I honestly wish I had a valuable 2 cents to throw in here. The reality of it, though is that I'm clueless. I'm attempting traditional publishing, so the nuances of what you're dealing with are lost on me. Good luck though! I'm sure either way, your work will do wonderfully:)

  2. Thank you--you're so sweet! I'll probably try the traditional agent-book deal approach for books that are separate from the Eb Maclean series.