Monday, October 21, 2013

Huge 99¢ Sale! 28 Books from a Dozen Authors!

Yep, here in St. Louis, there's a definite Autumn feel in the air. Time to cozy up with that Kindle by the fire. It's the perfect time for a humongous (yes, I said HUMONGOUS) 99¢ Sale! 28 Books from a Dozen Authors! The eBooks listed on fellow writer, Michael K. Rose's blog page, Myriad Spheres, are only $0.99 October 21-25. A few are always 99¢, but the majority are being offered at this special price for a limited time. They represent some of the best work from a dozen diverse authors, including yours truly, of course!
Click on the link below and check it out!

 99¢ Sale! 28 Books from a Dozen Authors!

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