Here is my list of selections for #BuyIndieMonth, I joined in the fun Feb. 6 but I had already acquired a few that month which I'll list first:

All Different Kinds Of Free by Jessica McCann
Seasons of the Harvest by Michael R. Hicks
Malaika by Van Heeling
Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman
Black Witch by Micheal Rivers

Feb. 6 Castle Cape by C.L. Withers

Feb. 7 Sullivan's War: Part 1- All Good Men Serve the Devil by Michael K Rose
          The Retribution of Nathan James (Sketches From the Spanish Mustang) by Benjamin X. Wretlind

Feb.8 Railroad Man by Alle Wells

Feb. 9 1929 (Book One:Jonathan's Cross) by M.L. Gardner 

Feb. 10 The Devil's Game by S.L. Pierce and Maren Kaye

Feb.11 Frozen Prospects (The Guadel Chronicles) by Dean Murray

Feb. 12 She Belongs To Me by Carmen DeSousa

Feb. 13 The Grand Mirage by Darrell Delamaide

Feb. 14  In Her Name (Omnibus Edition) by Michael R Hicks

Feb.15 Violets Are Blue by Carrie Green

Feb. 16 The River in the Sea by Tina Boscha

Feb. 17 This Doesn't Happen in the Movies (The Reed Ferguson Mystery Series) by Renee Pawlish

Feb. 18 Dead Game (Emily Stone Series) by Jennifer Chase

              Sullivan's War: Prologue - Sergeant Riley's Account by Michael K Rose

Feb. 19  Fatal Exchange by Russell Blake 

Feb. 20 Dark Grid by David Waldron

Feb. 21 Wothlandia Rising 1:Distant Familiarity by Gary Vanucci

Feb. 22 A Soul To Steal by Rob Blackwell

Feb. 23 Pandora's Succession by Russell Brooks

Feb. 24 The Circle by R.G. Lawrence

Feb. 25 The Puzzle (A Samantha Jamison Mystery Volume 1) by Peggy A Edelheit

Feb. 26  Mighty Chief Chappose Picks Berries (Sketches from the Spanish Mustang) by Benjamin X. Wretlind

Feb. 27 Turning Point by Melissa Luznicky Garrett

Feb. 28  Adventures In Funeral Crashing (A Kait Lenox YA Chick Lit Mystery) by Milda Harris

Feb. 29 Leiyatel's Embrace by Clive S. Johnson


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