Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Self publishing and E-books

I'm gradually reaching an accommodation with the 21st century...but it hasn't been easy. Five years ago I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be thinking about publishing an E-book--and I would have swore up and down that I would never, NEVER, read an E-book.

Time marches on, however, and we evolve. I even evolve--more or less. E-books are here to stay, and anyone who writes books needs to educate themselves about the E-book market. In view of that, a few weeks ago I made the decision to release Judgment Tramp as an E-book. I'm not saying I'm comfortable with the idea--not yet anyway, but I know I have to do it in order to reach my goals.

I initially felt the same way about self-publishing. I didn't really start out thinking I would self-publish, but now I don't think I'd be interested in doing it any other way. Don't misunderstand me; there are many pitfalls to self-publishing, but there are also rewards. I guess I'm a bit of a control freak in my old age--and I want my books to reflect my personality, not my agent's idea (or an editor's idea) of what will sell.

I am not a fan of Publishing-On-Demand. I print my books myself, I can sell as many books as I want--and I can sell books at prices that POD authors can't touch. I think POD will stick around for a while, but the E-book levels the playing field more than POD ever did.

I'll be talking more about this over the next several posts--stay tuned.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Interesting post. You know, there are so many different avenues to being published...it's really lovely that people can choose the right path for them. Good luck and keep us all updated!

  2. Thanks, Lindsay! Are we related? :)
    Or is that your married name?