Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Judgment Tramp is almost ready. I can't believe we are this close, and I'm also humbled by the amount of effort it took. Kristin has done such a wonderful job! 

We also benefited from great advice along the way. Vickie Taylor gave us great advice when she advised us to use the Smashwords style guide:


I would absolutely recommend that anyone read over these guidelines and follow them carefully--it will save a lot of work! The Smashwords style guide is much easier to fathom than Amazon's convoluted instructions. 
Formatting an e-book for release is a lot of work, even with good advice. Be prepared to make changes, and to stay organized (keep track of the source file and rename the file as it is re-saved--it's really easy to start modifying files and end up wondering which one to publish...don't ask me how I know that...).

The work is worth it, though. We are striving to market a professional looking product, a book that will inspire people to have confidence in our work (and hopefully, confidence in the writer's ability to deliver an exciting read).

It won't be long now!

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